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Schnee's Outlook Evo Review

Schnee's Outlook Evo Review

Schnee’s Outlook Evo 

By: Dylan Ray

Growing up in the hot, muggy southern state of Arkansas, and mainly hunting Kansas in my adult life, I always thought my simple 400g insulated boots that I bought on sale from Cabela’s for $89.99 were not only sufficient, but exceptional. Putting much thought into boots wasn’t something I ever had to do, whatever kept my feet warm was what was on my feet, because let’s face it, anything will suffice walking 300 yards to your tree stand. Jump to the spring of 2017 and I would be going on my first “western style” hunt. A spring bear hunt in the Idaho national forest. I packed my boots, and my hunting socks that have always sufficed up to this point without giving what was on my feet a second thought. 


Three days and 34 miles in, I had not only given the boots a second thought, but a third and fourth thought, ending in the undoubtable conclusion that there had to be something else. There had to be something more comfortable. There had to be something more durable. There had to be something that wouldn’t cause hot spots. There has to be something better, something more. Having to stop, take off my boots, let my feet rest, and slowing the other guys around me down just simply wasn’t cutting it. 

After getting back home, the $89.99 clearance boots that had always been my go-to hunting boots, were in the trash and I was on the internet searching for the best hunting boots! Through countless hours and days of reading through articles, watching videos, and asking around with friends I landed on Schnee’s. I felt confident with going with Schnee’s but I still had no earthly idea which boot would be the best fit for me. Calling Schnee’s and telling them what I do, how I hunt, and what I was looking for they undoubtably recommended their new Outlook Evo’s. 


Having the boots on my feet for about 57 seconds, and just walking through my house, and up and down my stairs at home, I realized what my feet had been missing out on. The build of these boots is absolutely outstanding. One of the first things I noticed was the seems. I had grown so use to bulging, busting seems, that I knew nothing else. The build and durability of these boots is absolutely outstanding. The comfortability that they offer is incredible, and I could never imagine going back to a lesser boot. Since purchasing these boots I have went on a mission to compare them to other high end boots that my friends swear by, and the stores push out the doors like crazy. I have yet to find any boots that compare to my Outlook Evo’s. They offer the perfect footbed, not too stiff, but stiff enough to offer support with a moderately heavy pack on. Up until this point, I had a misconstrued idea of what waterproof was. I no longer had to deal with leaky boots, and damp feet. My concept of what was acceptable for my feet had been changed, and I would never go back to neglecting my feet again. 


I want to encourage you of one thing; do the research, figure out what works for you, and experience what it is like to actually have boots on your feet that will take care of you, letting you go further, and stay longer! 

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