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Review: Spartan Javelin Bipod

Review: Spartan Javelin Bipod

By: Matt M.

We've all been there. You go to sling your rifle over your shoulder and ouch! That bi-pod just digs right into your shoulder. There has to be a better solution. That's exactly what Rob Gearing thought. He wanted to develop a bipod for people that hated bipods. It had to be very lightweight, extremely strong and durable. On top of that, he wanted to be able to quickly remove or attach it. He came up with the Javelin and hit all of these marks.

I have been using the Javelin for 4 months now and I am extremely impressed. It's been used for PRS-type shooting, long range shooting and varmint hunts without fail.


What initially drew my interest was the weight. It is inconceivably light. It is truly something you have to feel to appreciate. My Harrison 6in-9in BR-S bipod felt like a boat anchor by comparison. Needless to say, the weight savings was my selling point. But the Javelin was so much more than another lightweight bipod. It had a few other tricks up its sleeve.


Unlike most bipods, the javelin is meant to go on and off quickly and easily, taking only a split second to attach. This is accomplished through the clever use of some very strong magnets. One in the bipod and the other on the rifle mount. The rifle mount is also ingenious in it's simplicity. It simply replaces your swivel stud with a lightweight, low-profile mount that has the female-end for the bipod mount. It also gives you 2 different choices when mounting, through the use of a locking pin. On way, the bipod is locked and will not "yaw". Slide it in the other way and you can traverse from left to right, which is very handy when tracking game in motion.


The whole system is extremely well made. I have heard that the aerospace-grade carbon fiber is the same as used by Airbus. It is very durable and looks great! The body is precision machined from aluminum and finished in black anodizing. The feet are also machined from aluminum and fitted with a carbide foot underneath a rubber foot-cover.


There are ton of options out there for a bipod. Most are great and will do perfectly fine under many conditions. But if you want a bipod that is truly unique, modular, lightweight, ultra durable and can be removed quickly...nothing that I have used comes close.

You can buy one from Schnee's here.

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